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This is fun, self-published Oz fan-fiction by awarded Oz author Ron Baxley, Jr. who wrote this fan-fic as after-thoughts or "After-Th'Oz" to his more established Oz and Oz/Wonderland works from Maple Creek Press. It includes a brand new Oz/Wonderland novella based on Ron's and James C. Wallace II's Of Cabbages/Oz/Wonderland series, three brand new short stories that take place after Ron's _The Oz Omnibus of Talking City Tales_ (Maple Creek Press 2014), one bonus of a non-fiction article on some Munchkin actors from Ron's home-town, and a super hero story based on them. It includes public domain images from classic Wonderland and Oz illustrators. Ron decided he should no longer have Oz as solely an after-thought. Perhaps his readership should too.

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