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Texas, 1870. The small, dusty mining town of Affliction, alone and isolated in the middle of the Badlands, is the town Marshal da Silva helped build years ago. Now it’s the place he is taking his captive—the brutal outlaw Walter Korse—to be hanged. Affliction is where Korse grew up, where he made his first kill, where it all started... and where it will end.Diana James is a spurned woman. With all her hopes and belongings packed into a trail wagon, she is on the road in search of the man who said he would return, a road that will lead her to team up with Marshal da Silva.But when they arrive in Affliction, prisoner in tow, the town is strangely deserted. The wind moans through the streets and dust devils dance where the townsfolk once walked. And when the night comes, so do the vampires...In this interactive novel, YOU make choices for all three leading characters, and YOU determine the outcome of the story.

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