спортивная футболка international brands burberry

Project Report from the year 2017 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 73, Queen Margaret University, language: English, abstract: An analysis of Burberry, a luxury goods company, using 6 different frameworks to help identify strategies, as well as a SWOT (TOWS) analysis to uncover potential improvements of the company´s performance. Emphasis is set on strategies concerning the business environment, international strategies and an evaluation of value created by Burberry for its customers. After the TOWS a recommendation will be given that has the potential to increase performance significantly if used appropriately.The following analysis will be based around three areas: 1) the environment Burberry operates in 2) the value they add to the products and 3) the strategies Burberry uses to compete internationally. A PESTEL analysis will be the start to determine external factors of the environment influencing Burberry´s business, following up on that will be Porter´s 5 forces model, to examine what the forces that influence the company and its competitors. To analyse the strategic capabilities Burberry has, a VRIO and a value chain will be used to see which activities add value to for the consumer. Lynch suggest that the model for modes of entry and Porter´s 4 international strategies are a good way to evaluate a company´s international strategies, so those will be used in a combination for this report.Burberry PLC is a manufacture...

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