1 35 world war ii the germans took shovels

Germany had been very good to the Jews. German Jews were the wealthiest people in the world. In the years following the First World War, the Germans resented the fact that the Jews, Einstein being their chief spokesman, had stabbed the Germans in the back during the war, and then twisted the knife at the peace negotiations in France, where a large contingent of Jews decided Germany’s fate, and reneged on Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points, one of which assured Germany that it would lose no territory. The Germans had thought that Wilson’s pledge would be honored after the Germans had surrendered in good faith. Had not the Germans received this promise of the Fourteen Points, they would not have surrendered and were in a position to continue the war. The promise was broken. In addition, the Allies insisted that Germany pay draconian war reparations that would forever ruin the nation. Leading Jews in Germany sided with the Allies against their native land. It was obvious that leading Jews were profiteering from the war in every way possible, at the expense of the German nation and its People. Jewish leaders instigated crippling strikes in the arms industry, which left German troops without adequate armaments. Jewish revolutionaries took advantage of Germany’s weakened state, which Jews had deliberately caused for the purpose, and created a Soviet Republic in Bavaria and overthrew the monarchy. German-Jewish bankers cut off Germany’s access to funds. German-Jewish Zionists moved to...

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