alexandra okatova the queen of the night

'Queen Sheba Talking' : Finally Queen Sheba is found! It is a fascinating investigation leading to the where about Queen Sheba is hiding? 3000 years of colourful history is revealed by Hisham Amili. Who was Queen Sheba and did King Solomon really exist? Indeed was Jerusalem built when Queen Sheba visited Solomon or did she visit him in Mecca instead? 'Queen Sheba talking' is revealing many secrets of the Near East Civilisations, Camels, Jews and Ethiopians? The book entertains the possibility that Queen Sheba and king Solomon were neither neighbours nor prominent, merely virtual leaders. On the other hand 'Queen Sheba Talking' provides great evidence to support their true existence but 150 years after their traditional biblical dates. Unlike Amili's previous books, there are many charts and tables in his new 'Queen Sheba talking' simplifying the tale and serving the feeds that led to her throne. It is a fascinating read with great imagination based on actual records of history and antiquities . Contrary to Napoleon, Alexandra, Cleopatra or even Hitler, the story of Queen Sheba has greater impact and more secrets to explore. It is a powerful true story of love, religion, civilisation, trade, gender and ultimate control on people and their aspiration.

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