"Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are a stately breed with a riveting history. This Chesapeake Bay Retriever guide is a vibrant look at the majestic Chessie from every vantage, an incredible resource! Sarah Canton, Worcester, MA."Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are my passion ever since I had my first one at age 6, this Chesapeake Bay Retrievers book really brings the breed to life with a ton of breed-specific information and valuable tips.” Mary Woodard, Annapolis, MD.“Chesapeake Bay Retrievers come to life in this really fresh look at the breed.” John Sutton, Cold Harbor, ME.“Entertaining and Informative Chessie Guide that is hard to put down once you get started and really pulls you into the Chessie world!” Dina McCrae, Albany, NY.CHESAPEAKE BAY RETRIEVER BIBLE and CHESAPEAKE BAY RETRIEVERS is Your Complete Chesapeake Bay Retriever Guide! Everything is covered: from Chesapeake Bay Retriever History, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers as Pets, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Buying, Chessie Raising and Chesapeake Bay Retriever Adults, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Breeders, Chessie Training, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Size, Chesapeake Chessie Weight, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Personality, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Health & Chesapeake Bay Retriever Longevity.Chesapeake Bay Retriever Grooming & Supplies – What Do You Need? Grooming can be easier than you think if you follow the easy tips laid out by the author. You will learn all the proven INSIDER CHESAPEAKE BAY ...

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