climate changed

Scientific Study from the year 2013 in the subject Environmental Sciences, grade: A, University of Greenwich, course: Environmental Sciences, language: English, abstract: The text presented in this book was part of Author's field study as undergoing PhD programme at Natural Resources Institute, The University of Greenwich UK. Suleiman laboured throughout his field studies to collect as much information from different soil background perspectives to aid him report the soil baseline data information that will be used as reference materials for the Sudan Savannah zone, Kebbi State Nigeria. In the process of this gigantic work, Suleiman obtained some information that is not necessarily accompanied in his PhD thesis, and which the materials in this book is part of that extra materials. The book was aim to address the impact and causes of climate change and soil degradation under agricultural soil environment in Kebbi State Nigeria. The results provided, indicated that farmer's viewpoints on the impact of climate change and soil degradation have contemplation in the global climate change and soil degradation perspectives. Farmers believed that climate change and soil degradation are interconnected, and have induced some unacceptable changes to their agricultural lands in Kebbi State. The results designated that soil and soil properties were changed in form of soil erosion, desertification, dessert encroachment, leaching, mass movement of soil particles, development of gulli...

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