deep hollow creek

Deep in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas in a place known as Grymme Creek Hollow was an abandoned homestead. Abandoned did not mean it was uninhabited. It was abandoned because the original owner was long gone. The chickens left behind claimed the Homestead for themselves. A stone wall surrounded the homestead and the chickens believed this was where civilization began and ended. Outside that stone wall was the dangerous wilderness known as the Deep Brush. The homestead was home to a chick named Chick. He was named Chick because his parents were not very imaginative. However Chick was very imaginative and had a real talent for finding adventure. Aunty Hysidia, of the ruling Council of Aunties has accused Chick's Father, Walter, of stealing corn. A serious offense that is punishable by being exiled into the Deep Brush. Chick, with his friends Peq and Quinny, must prove Walter's innocence.

Outventure Creek 100 deep hollow creek
Outventure Creek 100

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Модель: Outventure

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