effectiveness of witness security program

Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2013 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Other States, , language: English, abstract: Bangladesh as one of the South Asian countries has been striving to develop a comprehensiveeducation policy since its independence but failed to formulate such policy that could contribute to thedevelopment of the economy. The basic problem of primary and secondary level is poor enrolmentand low retention rate in the school. To combat with this problem government of Bangladesh has beenundertaking myriad policies and programs. Among such policies Female Secondary Stipend Program(FSSP), Food For Education Program (FFEP) and Free Text Book Distribution Program to thestudents of primary and secondary level are some innovative and better contributing policyinterventions in the field of female education in Bangladesh. All these policy interventions arepurported with the pivotal motto of reducing drop rate and increasing enrollment rate in the secondaryeducation. All these policies are currently in operation except the Food for Education Program whichhas transformed into a cash transfer program very recently. Based on the policy problem of reducingdropout rate of the secondary female students in the school, the above policies on FFEP, FTBDP andFSSP were chosen as three policy alternatives taking FSSP as status quo with a view to measuringefficacy of these policies employing the cost effectiveness analysis method apprising their rel...

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