faberge treasures of imperial russia faberge museum st petersburg

Faberge: Treasures of Imperial Russia. Faberge Museum, St. Petersburg is a lavish volume on the most complete Faberge collection in the world, with many pieces rarely seen before, from the famous imperial Easter eggs to precious jewelry, enamels, and Russian silver, showcased in the sumptuous Shuvalov Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. Jeweler and goldsmith Carl Faberge and his firm are renowned for creating the most superbly refined objects of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries for the nobility and aristocracy of imperial Russia. Exquisite examples of the jeweler’s art, Faberge’s magnificent Easter eggs, commissioned for the Romanov Imperial family, and other impeccably crafted objects continue to be prized the world over for their incredible craftsmanship and unparalleled beauty. Now, the Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg has gathered the most spectacular and comprehensive treasury of Faberge objects. This book showcases a wealth of precious objects - from the imperial eggs, delicate jeweled enamel clocks, and picture frames to animals carved out of hardstone and gem-encrusted jewelry and presentation boxes. With all-new photography of the collection - more than 500 priceless objects in all - alongside stunning images of the majestic Shuvalov Palace, this luxurious volume is a celebration of the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship of prerevolutionary Russia and its heritage.

The Faberge: His Masters and Artisans faberge treasures of imperial russia faberge museum st petersburg
The Faberge: His Masters and Artisans

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Модель: Unicorn Publishing Group

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