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Recently named one of the ten best music documentaries of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, Metallica: Some Kind olMonster is the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed 2004 documentary film that follows the band through three of the most turbulent years in their three-decade long career. Directed and produced by the award-winning team of Joe Berlinger 8 Bruce Sinofsky {Brother's Keeper, the Paradise lost Trilogy), Metallica: Some Kind of Monster gives viewers an incredibly raw and intimate look into the lives and psyches of the members of one of the most successful rock bands in music history as they battle their way through addiction, domestic life, backlash from their fans, and near-total disintegration during the making of their Grammy-winning album 'St. Anger.' This 2-disc combo pack includes Joe Berlinger's additional bonus feature, "Metallica: This Monster Lives," a brand new 25-minute short film commemorating the tenth anniversary of Some Kind ol Monster. The new film takes us behind-the-scenes of the world premiere of the hand's 3D hybrid concert film Metallica: Throogh The Uever, including new interviews with the band and with Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky as they reflect upon the legacy of Some Kind ol Monster, its influence on the band and their experiences during the decade since its release.

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