flow in games aural conditioning

Over the years technological advancements have made it possible to leverage techniques from different spheres of multimedia, cinematography for example, to improve the overall quality of games. These improvements in the production of games do not guarantee the immersion of players in the experience however; neither do they guarantee the needed fun and excitement to keep players captivated.Leveraging the concept of flow, this issue can be addressed since it provides the set of controllable factors that determine the level of fun and captivation an activity provides its part-takers. With this information, gaming experiences can be crafted to address and balance the preferences of different player types. Gaming experiences can also be crafted to adjust dynamically to suit the preferences of the player immersed in the experience, and with this, the threshold of the factors needed to create flow in games can be guaranteed.This book extends Jenova Chen’s work on ‘Flow in Games’, focusing on improving the aural experience within the gaming experience by utilizing flow-inducing properties of music to create a more relatable and immersive gameplay experience for the player.

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