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‘Your Journey - Day by Day,’ written by the Author Lina M, is a reflection of your inner-self as in a mirror. Guiding you through the day; empowering you throughout the night; a meditation and confirmation of God’s love for your daily journey and the benefits thereafter. With every turn of the page, you will find comforting arms supporting you and revelational truth upholding you. Your spiritual journey for each day, from beginning to end.‘Your Journey - Day by Day’ is a yearly book for your daily life. Filled with revelational truth and wisdom to help you journey on… Your Guiding Light in the midst of the storm.‘Your Journey - Day by Day,’ by the Author Lina M, is written with Love to see you through your difficulties; providing you with answers - empowering you with strength.No matter your belief, ‘Your Journey - Day by Day’ will guide you through your daily journey and help you find yourself every step of the way.

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