gait and balance performance in stroke survivors

58 Stroke Preventive Meal Recipes: The Stroke-Survivors Solution to a Healthy Diet and Long LifeBy Joe Correa CSN Stroke is one of the main causes of death in the world. Modern lifestyles, poor diets, and sedentary jobs are the underlying cause of some surprising statistics. In the USA about 800,000 people die due to stroke each year. Along with heart disease, cancer, and accidents, stroke is the leading cause of death and should be taken seriously.Bearing in mind that every 40 seconds someone dies from a stroke, it is important to start thinking about the entire cardiovascular system and its health, including the heart. Prevention is a key to reducing the possibility of this terrible disease.A stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted. This can happen when the entire blood vessel is blocked or the brain blood vessel is ruptured. In both cases, it causes the brain tissue to die, leading to quick and sudden death. This is exactly why a stroke is a serious medical condition and should be treated as quick as possible.However, you have to keep in mind that a stroke can easily be prevented. The main problem lies in bad nutritional habits that should be replaced with good and healthy eating habits. This primarily includes fresh, raw, organic, and healthy foods that will help your body to deal with daily challenges and heal itself at the same time.This book is an excellent collection of recipes that will help your cardiovascular system to function better than ...

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