Are you ready to have balance and harmony in your life?It's Your Choice! Decisions That Will Change Your Life is awork of personal discovery. Marjorie Mckinnon shows you howto create a perfect world through positive growth in what shecalls the six dimensions: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual,social, and financial.She illustrates how all six-dimensions work together likean orchestra. Told in simple, practical language, McKinnonencourages the readers to have faith in themselves, the kindof faith needed to make healthy changes.In this book, you will:Discover courage and harness it to your advantageRecover the joy present in every momentsLearn decision-making tools that affirm your valuesFind new outlets for your ambitions and talentsRededicate yourself to your true purpose in lifeExplore what success in life really meansAcclaim for It's Your Choice!"It's Your Choice! is bursting with the wisdom of the triedand true, akin to a good friend's advice. The author's style isintimate but never imposing. She shares rather than lectures.She asks: how does one find a meaning in one's life and thusenhance it? And she answers with ladles of tips and anecdotes,real life stories and popular philosophy."--Sam Vaknin, PhD, author of Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited.Learn more at www.TheLampLighters.orgFrom the Spiritual Dimensions series at Loving Healing Press

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