improved machinability of titanium alloy ti 6al 4v

Micro-electrical discharge machining (micro-EDM) is a popular and diversified advanced micromachining process, which is applied mostly to machine advanced engineering materials. Ti-6Al-4V superalloy is a popular aerospace material applied for various engineering and biomedical applications. The book presents principle features of EDM process as well as operational and constructional features of micro-EDM set-up. Moreover, a detailed investigation and analysis of micro-hole machining process during micro-EDM of Ti-6Al-4V alloy has been carried out in the book. Detailed parametric influences on various machining characteristics have been presented and also multi-objective optimization parametric combination has been search for achieving best process criteria. The book will be very useful to the M.E. scholar as well as research scholar working in the field of advanced micromachining process, particularly micro-EDM.

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