larry gets lost in washington dc

IN BOOK 2 OF THINGS WE LOST IN THE NIGHT:IT’S SPRING IN HONOLULU as the band opens at an off-the-beaten-path, beach-front nightclub, playing to packed audiences of locals and American warriors during the most violent months of the Vietnam War. Larry meets someone here who changes his life forever. Back on the Mainland, Larry tries to leave his romantic island fantasy behind and searches for redemption as the band returns to its Indiana roots. Though the record everyone had expected to become a national hit fails in the wake of a national tragedy, the band’s popularity and success continue to grow on the West Coast.“… [Larry J.] Dunlap is such a beautiful writer. I found myself lost in the book, as if I was watching a really good movie. Bravo!” — J.L. Clayton, FLAMINGO HOTEL OFFERS a long-term engagement in Las Vegas in the Sky Room, a dance/showroom designed for them. Larry, now happily married with a new child on the way, and with more follow-up recording sessions ahead, can hardly believe his good fortunes. But when their next records fail and the band grows restless playing in one place, Larry attempts to spark the band’s creativity to write their own songs. A sudden crisis in his personal life arises when his wife and son are missing. His life and sanity are at risk as he tries to save his band and young family.“And this why we read, to connect with someone who manages to find words for our crazy wordless lonely journey. Enchanted goes there...and I be...

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