lisa plumley the matchmaker

Remember me sins of the father is about a woman Alisa Washington a woman that thought she could start a new life. During a hurricane, she evacuated to Atlanta Georgia and thought she could start a new life. Lisa took a job working with Ida Stanford and while working for Ida she continued he education in Psycho Therapy. After being in Atlanta Lisa realized that nothing in her life changes she wasn’t dating and she wanted a family. During a fashion show, Lisa bumps into a handsome man and found herself thinking of him. When Ida taken Ill, Lisa took her to the hospital and see a man being admitted that looks like the man she bumped into at the fashion show. Lisa find out the man has amnesia and he need therapy, so she quickly steps in to help him get back on his feet when someone starts to stalk her and follows her home. Devin Jones and Christopher Weber see a mysterious figure that cause the two men to collide leaving one dead and one lying on the road with amnesia. After being in the hospital one of the men see the same dark figure staring into a room that Lisa was sleeping and he knew that figure from his past and now it is stalking Lisa.

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