long range system feiyu panda2 autopilot uav flight control system 198 waypoints osd gps panda ii rth fpv combo

Project Report from the year 2012 in the subject Engineering - Mechanical Engineering, grade: A, DeVry University, course: ECET 494, language: English, abstract: The objective of this project is to design, build, and operate a GPS-Guided Autopilot system for Radio Controlled Aircraft. This product will have to be small, lightweight, aerodynamic, and modular. It will only have to rely on 1 channel input from the aircraft receiver for the RC/Autopilot switching function. It will have to be able to fly a predetermined route while having the ability for the consumer to override the autopilot feature if desired by using their remote control. Our RC aircraft autopilot system will be interfaced with a computer in order to program the way-points that will make up the flight plan. All of these objectives are critical in order to have a functional RC aircraft autopilot system. Our time frame for completion of this project is 32 weeks and our target for total cost for the build is $500.The product that we are proposing is a GPS-Guided Autopilot System designed for radio-controlled aircraft. This project is a modular RC/Autopilot Aircraft System that will be designed for small, inexpensive, and basic radio controlled unmanned aerial vehicles. Although our target market will be RC hobbyists that are interested in flying their airplanes autonomously, our system will also have the potential to expand to larger markets such as hobbyists flying helicopters as well as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ...

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