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"When we lift up our teachers, we lift up our students.” -Christina DeMara, AuthorOur schools are full of hardworking teachers who have accepted the challenging role of “teacher leader.” This research-based handbook is a creative way to build, sustain, and expand teacher leaders on any college or school campus.Meaningful Teacher Leadership encourages self-reflection to encourage refinement and increase student achievement. This book was developed for lead teachers, coaches, strategists, grade-level leaders, department and content leaders, teacher mentors and for post-secondary teacher programs.Meaningful Teacher Leadership is designed to be a resource not only for teacher leaders but also for college students and administrators who want to support the development of student achievement.Meaningful Teacher Leadership is:• Creative, engaging, and thought-provoking.• An organized way to hold yourself or others accountable.• A ready-to-go tool for meetings, classes, or book studiesMeaningful Teacher Leadership entails:• Leadership skill reflections and case studies.• Weekly celebrations.• Meaningful goal-setting.• Teacher leadership self-reflection.Meaningful Teacher Reflection:KNOW: What do I know about Leadership?FLOW: What is flowing smoothly? What are the things that are going well in the leadership aspect of my life?GLOW: How do I stand out?TOW: What am I towing that may be slowing me down from reaching my full leadership potential?SHOW: What do I show others? How do othe...

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