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The emergence of Irama Malaysia is a momentous occurrence in our music industry, as it is a modern invention and also an innovation of different musical ideas from different cultures from all around the world. Irama Malaysia is a new style and name in music composition as the fusion elements in it and combination of various instruments from different cultures. The music in Malaysia is developing and progressing side by side with the civilization. The music in the current industry and market is changing very quickly. Malaysian musician has to strive hard in composing new music with significant element in order to be accepted by the consumer, and also helping to show the uniqueness of Malaysia's music. This research mainly discusses about Pak Ngah's music, as Irama Malaysia is closely associated with Pak Ngah. He won numerous music awards under the category of Irama Malaysia or "Etnik Kreatif" in the past ten years. Pak Ngah's Irama Malaysia managed to capture the hearts of listeners and became a sing-along for local music lovers. This book is an appreciation of Malaysian music and a reference for the music lover of the Malaysian music. Co-writers:Dr.Bo-Kyung Kim, Dr.Loo Fung Ying

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