mrs barbauld charles journey to france and other tales

Margaret Gatty (née Scott, 3 June 1809 - 4 October 1873) was an English children's author and writer on marine biology. Some of her writings argue against Charles Darwin's Origin of Species. Among her other books are Parables from Nature, Worlds not Realized, Proverbs Illustrated, and Aunt Judy's Tales. She also conducted Aunt Judy's Magazine, a family publication written by various members of Margaret's large family. This book was originally printed in 1851.To My ChildrenThese tales are most affectionately dedicated. They were written in hours of sickness but are intended to be read by the healthy and joyous young: and to illustrate some favourite and long cherished convictions.Margaret Gatty.Ecclesfield Vicarage, 27th March 1851.

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