parks and people

In the recent years the number of industrial parks has grown rapidly worldwide driven by economic policies and industrial restructuring. The high resource consumption and prices as well as stringent environmental policies and laws have pushed the strategic importance of efficient resources management. Due to the proximity of companies, industrial parks offer potential for the development of interorganizational resource exchanges, in terms of energy and waste, infrastructure sharing and joint services. Utilizing this potential enhances the resource efficiency and added value of companies while often reducing their environmental impacts. Efficient management of resources in industrial parks requires an appropriate management concept. However, the research and literature on the management of industrial parks is very limited. As a solution the author introduces the concept for integrated resources management. The theoretical status quo of the concept is studied from the perspective of industrial ecology with the conclusion that the approach lacks a strategic management dimension. To tackle the problem, the author draws upon the strategic management and organizational theories as well as the approaches of network and environmental management. The empirical insights into the concept are sought by analyzing applied practices to network and resources management in industrial parks. The case studies comprise representative examples of successful industrial restructuring from Germany s...

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