post conflict peace building of united nations in kenya

A volume in Peace EducationSeries Editors Jing Lin, University of Maryland, Edward Brantmeier, James Madison University,and Ian Harris, University of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeThis edited book is a new and valuable resource for students, teachers, and practitioners, providing a detailed exploration of howqualitative research can be applied in the field of peace and conflict studies. This book explores considerations and components ofdesigning, conducting, and reporting qualitative research in this field, and also provide exemplars of recent empirical research in peaceand conflict studies that employed qualitative methods. Scholars and researchers in peace and conflict studies and peace educationface unique challenges in teaching, designing, and conducting qualitative research in these fields. This edited book discusses tips indesigning qualitative studies in this area and for teaching emerging peace researchers best practices of qualitative inquiry. In addition,the book discusses some of the trends, challenges, and opportunities associated with research in peace and conflict studies and peaceeducation.Written at a level appropriate for both graduate students and active researchers, the primary audience for this book is those teachingand learning about the application of qualitative methods to peace and conflict studies, as well as those conducting research in thisfield. There are currently approximately 230 graduate programs in peace and conflict studies. This book also provides a ...

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