Root resorption is a clinical condition whereby the mineralized tissues of the root are lost, mainly as an immunological response due to various factors. Root resorption has been a perplexing clinical condition for dental practitioners as it has a broad range of clinical manifestation with varied severity and also due to the associated diagnostic dilemma. Early detection is essential for successful management and outcome of root resorption. Root resorptions have several local and systemic predisposing factors. Hence, patients with a history of one or more predisposing factors should be monitored closely for initial signs of root resorption.Cone beam computed tomography appears to be a promising diagnostic tool for confirming the presence, appreciating the true nature, and managing the internal and external root resorptions. In addition to the 2-D slices, 3-D reconstruction enables further assessment of the area of interest which enables the right treatment modality for the real pathology.Thorough knowledge regarding the pathogenesis and various factors that can cause root resorption is essential for a predictive therapeutic management as is given in this overview. The book describes different types of root resorption, the etiopathogenesis and management strategies for each type of root resorption.

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