the lost husband

Sleepless Nights presents a collection of poetry by Marie Zitnansky, written during the sleepless nights she endured following the death of her husband. He was a medical doctor who was much loved by his family and his patients. She could not imagine living without her husband, and for a time she thought that she too would die from the pain of his loss.Her outlook improved when she began to write of her love for her husband in poetry. She realized that she was not the only one who had lost a loved one, and she tried to understand what that profound loss meant to other people. She put that understanding into her poems. This realization helped her to sleep at night and to go on with her life. She also explored in verse her sorrow about the loss of her native country and her love for God.Sleepless Nights expresses from the heart the pain of losing a loved one and shows that the longing for a lost love is universal for all people.

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