the queen of the night

QUEEN ELIZABETHFrom the moment she was born, Queen Elizabeth’s life was a troubled one. Her father, Henry VIII, changed the course of England’s history so that he could marry Anne Boleyn, hoping that this second marriage could produce a healthy and strong son, something he could not accomplish with Catherine of Aragon. Unfortunately for King Henry however, on September 7, 1533, Anne Boleyn gave birth to a princess named Elizabeth in Greenwich Palace. Unlikely to ever become the Queen of England, Elizabeth's journey to the throne was a complex one. Somehow, her time as the Queen proved to be even more tumultuous! Inside this book you will learn all about the life of Queen Elizabeth, from her difficult childhood to her finally becoming the Queen. You will discover what she was like as a ruler, what her political views were, what her love life was like, and even about the multiple assassination attempts made on her life! The life and story of Queen Elizabeth I is truly one worth reading about! Here Is What You'll Learn About Inside... Who Was Queen Elizabeth How Did Elizabeth Become The Queen Queen Elizabeth's Childhood Marriage Proposals Made To The Queen Assassination Attempts Pivotal Moments In Elizabeth's Reign The Legacy Of Queen Elizabeth Much, Much More!

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