townshend richard baxter lone pine the story of a lost mine

John Granville is offered a fortune to find a lost gold mine, one that legend says is protected by more than secrecy—and nearly turns it down. But the search for his partner's stolen niece has stalled until one of their leads comes through. Then they'll need travel funds to find the child––and to buy her freedom.Saving a child's life is worth whatever danger they might face. And how much trouble can a lost mine really be?Granville and his partner find themselves targeted by murderous claim jumpers who want the mine—if it even exists—for their own greedy purposes. Meanwhile Granville’s engagement to Emily Turner is bringing her too much attention, of the lethal kind. Can their quick thinking and quicker action can save them and those they care about? In this sequel to the critically acclaimed THE SILK TRAIN MURDER, gentleman-adventurer Granville and his fiancée—or is she?—the feisty Emily Turner get drawn into a search for a legendary lost gold mine. Fraud and double-dealing lead them ever deeper into trouble. THE LOST MINE MURDERS takes place in Vancouver and Denver in the winter of 1900, with a backstory the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. This is the second book in the Klondike Era Mystery series, though they can be read in any order.

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