unconventional feeds in turkey nutrition

In this laboratory investigation, the possibilities of using unconventional feedstuffs for poultry from animal origin as well as plant origin were studied. The selected unconventional feed resources used in this study may fulfill the nutritional requirement of poultry industry. Animal origin of unconventional feedstuffs (e.g. blood meal, feather meal, leather shavings, silkworm pupae, poultry droppings, poultry offal meal, poultry manure and poultry hatchery byproduct) contain higher % of protein than the plant origin of unconventional feed resources (e.g. drumstick leaf meal, krishnachura leaf meal, ipil ipil leaf meal, duckweed meal, waste tea leaf meal, rubber seed meal, neem leaf and seed meal, cassava leaf and stem meal, bitter melon seed meal and triticale meal). As the selected samples are easily available, these can be collected and processed easily for the use and may minimize the cost. Therefore, it is concluded that the unconventional feed samples may be an efficient and economic substitute of conventional feeds. It is possible to replace conventional feeds by cheaper unconventional feeds in poultry diet leading to increase profitability.

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