what the spirit is saying to the churches

God speaks in numerous ways to His people. In Psalm 29 David is describing a summer storm in the mountains of Lebanon; he mentions the voice of the Lord upon the waters - the voice of the Lord in the thunder and lightning - the voice that splits the cedars – the voice that quickens the birthing process – the voice that shakes the wilderness of Kadesh – the voice of the Lord that is full of power and majesty – the voice that divides the flames of fire – the voice that causes the calves to skip – the voice that flashes like lightning exposing the forest in the blackness of the night.Jesus taught using natural/physical things to teach spiritual/kingdom truths. In this book, you will learn how to do this by looking at Psalm 29 and discovering what God taught David. You'll also look at how God taught Jeremiah how to hear and interpret what he saw. You will look at the symbols of Holy Spirit to show what He does - not only who He is. Wind, water or fire might be seen physically and that should teach what Holy Spirit is doing. It's imperative to understand what God is saying and doing; the Bible is the trusted interpreter. The original meaning of words in the Hebrew and Greek language is also important.Dreams and visions are pictures of what God is saying. They are called the language of the Holy Spirit. The Book of Revelation is loaded with this language, sometimes in video form. John is in the Spirit, receiving these revelations from the position of the earth and other tim...

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