young comics guide to telling jokes book 2

This book is value-packed with 2 manuscripts inside:Dad Jokes: The Best Dad Jokes, Awfully Bad but Funny Jokes and Puns Volume 1Dad Jokes: The Best Dad Jokes, Awfully Bad but Funny Jokes and Puns Volume 2Save over 20% when purchasing this book compared to purchasing both volumes individually.There is almost a total of 900 painfully funny Dad Jokes in here!Sometimes nothing makes more sense than a good, old fashioned corny joke to make the heart merry, and put a smile on everyone’s face. Dad jokes or bad jokes, either one is fine. They sometimes do the trick...What is an elf who has just won the lottery called…?“Welfy...”There are plenty of puns in here which you can recite to your friends ans pass yourself off as word smith - unless your last name is NOT Smith. What do you call a Mexican who's just had his 4x4 stolen...?Carlos...Looking for the perfect Christmas present for Dad?Search no more, with this hilarious book of Dad Jokes.What’s inside:Father and Son JokesFamily JokesMarriage JokesWork JokesAlcohol JokesAnimal JokesFood JokesCrude JokesFruit and Veggie JokesLight Bulb JokesIowan JokesYo Mama JokesKnock Knock JokesChristmas JokesWeather JokesValentine JokesThanksgiving JokesBirthday JokesCoffee JokesGeneral Wordplay JokesCreative Answering Machine MessagesCountless Cheesy PunsA total of almost 900 Jokes!What are you waiting for? Scroll up and click ‘add to cart’ for a hilarious experience with family and friends!

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